Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bands of Note: Balmorhea

I have been told that I have an odd taste in music, but I take pride in that.

There are bands that fill you with joy, those that entertain you with catchy beats and riffs, and then those that calm the mind and soul. Balmorhea definitely falls into the last category, but the emotional span and beauty of its compositions stretches far and wide. Whether it be waking up on a sunny day, or recollecting the past, Balmorhea has a brilliance that can bring the best out of simple moments.

The Winter

Now, if you are wondering where the words are, don't fret, your ears are far from broken. Balmorhea is a band that composes almost wholly instrumental work, focusing on the mood and tone the music creates.

So, sit back and enjoy the music, and expect more where this came from.



  1. I could listen to this while gardening.

  2. It's a nice sound ^^ I take pride in my "weird" music tastes too.


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