Sunday, September 18, 2011

Christian Music: Is it Dying?

I've heard a lot of people lately saying that the future of Christian music, especially Christian rock, doesn't look too bright. While I can see where people who say this may be coming from, I'm not sure that I completely agree at this point in time.

Though there aren't tons and tons of Christian artists that match up with mainstream music tastes, especially for the younger generations, there are many bands and artists who do mix well with popular music. Depending on what genre a person is into, they are likely to find Christian artists of that type too, if they are willing to look for them, though some genres are more heavily populated with Christian artists than others.

 It's taken a good deal of time, but in my opinion, groups like Switchfoot, Skillet, Hawk Nelson, and a number of others have successfully integrated their Christian music with songs played on the radio by the general population. The question that has arisen in regards to these groups is; "Have they softened their Christian message too much in order to achieve this goal? Was it worth it?"

My response to these questions would be, yes, they have had to downplay their message a little, though not completely. While that may not be the most ideal, I think that having Christian music that people who are not Christian would be willing to listen to is a good thing. 

What are your thoughts on this? Has Christian music given up too much for the sake of reaching a wider audience? If so, are the benefits worth the sacrifice?


  1. I will be honest with you. I have never heard a single Christian rock song. Not even one. So have in mind that while reading this. As you said, i believe they surely had to tone down their message in order to avoid getting obsolete and reaching more people. It's hard to judge properly though, because like i said, i never heard a christian rock song.

  2. Was it ever alive xD - Just Kidding!!!

  3. Skillet are Christian? I love them, can't believe I didn't realise. I need to listen to more of them. There are some good bands with a Christian message, like Insane Clown Posse actually, but my head pretty much exploded when I heard they were Christian. They might need to soften up their message, but I'd rather they didn't full out sell their souls to get into the charts.

  4. I think it's okay to downplay the message somewhat, if it means more people will listen.

  5. Sometimes a sublte message is better than an in your face message.

  6. I think sometimes it would be good to have a few upfront, "controversial" songs mixed in with the tamer ones, so people get what you're about without having it forced onto them.
    I don't really know much about Christian Rock, though


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